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Over the past five years, we have had patient after patient mention that our offer for all-inclusive braces for $3,995 is too good to be true.

What a complement to our office and the quality of care that we provide!  It is not too good to be true.  However, we also fully acknowledge that as good of a “deal” as it may be, $3,995 is a lot of money.  Any time you make an investment in yourself, you want to make sure that you are getting the best value possible.  Therefore, we want to reassure any patients and prospective patients alike that our low cost does not equal cut corners or cheap material.

 Exeter Orthodontics was founded by a group of dentists that spent years practicing in typical fee-for-service orthodontic practices, charging tens of thousands of dollars for braces and Invisalign® orthodontics.  All of our dentists were able to gain extensive experience and training in the latest orthodontic techniques.  However, we all came together because we were getting frustrated charging fees that many of our patients could not afford. Even worse, we often had to turn patients away that desperately needed the care that we were trained to provide simply because they could not pay.

When we became dentists, we took the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm to patients.  Performing shoddy work or turning patients away seemed like a lot of harm to us.  So we came together with decades of orthodontic experience and thousands of Invisalign treatments and braces procedures to create a practice that does one thing and one thing only: high quality orthodontics.

By doing only two types of procedures we are able to deliver high quality results predictably and efficiently.  That means that our costs went way down.  By performing thousands of procedures, we were able to reduce our costs for orthodontic appliances (all our materials) by buying in bulk. These savings alone are considerably less than most other offices. All of these savings are passed directly to our patients.

One thing that we refuse to do is stay in the stone age with our training, cut corners, or rush appointments.  As a result, we commit the following to all patients:

  • No rushed appointments.  We realize that you have questions, concerns, and anxiety.  We are here to help answer each and every question that you have.
  • No poor quality orthodontic care.  The truth is that traditional braces are usually the best care option for most patients.  We will tell you the truth about treatment options and not just sell you what you want to hear.
  • No hidden fees.  Our posted fee is what you pay.  Not a dime more for all: visits, adjustments, x-rays, retainers, and even emergency visits.

We look forward to welcoming you into our family.  Please reach out to us to learn more.

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