Philadelphia Residents Finding Affordable Braces in Exton

//Philadelphia Residents Finding Affordable Braces in Exton

Philadelphia Residents Finding Affordable Braces in Exton

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Exton orthodontist providing an affordable alternative to expensive Philadelphia braces.

EXTON, PA – The cost of braces in Philadelphia has prevented many from finding the orthodontic care they need. However, braces in nearby Exton are only $3,995 from Exeter Orthodontics. This all-inclusive price is one of the lowest in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Braces from Exeter Orthodontics include x-rays, retainers, adjustments, and repairs. Thousands of patients from across eastern Pennsylvania have turned to Exeter Orthodontics for a straighter smile.

Invisalign in Exton is also available from Exeter Orthodontics. Like braces, Invisalign costs only $3,995. These clear and removable aligners shift teeth into place over time.

“Our team will work with patients to help them decide on a treatment plan best for their oral health, their lifestyle, and their smile,” says Dr. Soraya Mills, orthodontist in Exton.

To learn more about affordable alternatives to expensive braces in Philadelphia, request an appointment with Exeter Orthodontics in Exton today by visiting

About Exeter Orthodontics: For several years, Exeter Orthodontics, a Pennsylvania-based orthodontic practice, has offered area patients braces and Invisalign treatments for as low as $3,995. Its team of orthodontists remains dedicated to providing high-quality care at an affordable price. Learn more at