If you’re looking for a Harrisburg orthodontist, look no further than Exeter Orthodontics! Finding the right orthodontist isn’t always easy. An orthodontist you can trust should offer quality care, an affordable price, and, most importantly, an environment you can be comfortable in. So, to ease all anxieties and answer some questions you may have, here are the five things you should know about Exeter Orthodontics in Harrisburg.

1. You won’t break the bank at Exeter Orthodontics.

Braces can be expensive. Some practices charge upwards of $10,000! However, here at Exeter Orthodontics in Harrisburg (and at all of our locations!), we believe everyone should have access to quality orthodontic care. This is why we only charge $3,995 for traditional braces. This price includes the cost of repairs, emergency visits, retainers, adjustments, and x-rays. There are no hidden fees, and payment plans are available. After all, a beautiful, confident smile should be priceless, not pricey.

2. Traditional braces aren’t the only treatment available.

Traditional braces aren’t for everyone. They can be uncomfortable for some, while others may not appreciate the food restrictions that come with them. Meanwhile, some patients only need minor alignments. In cases such as these, there is an alternative to traditional braces from our Harrisburg orthodontist team: Invisalign aligners.

These aligners are transparent and removable. They’re comfortable and convenient, especially for adult patients with busy schedules. Patients can enjoy their favorite foods throughout the day but must remember to clean their aligners after meals and wear their Invisalign for at least 22 hours everyday to keep their teeth healthy and straight.

3. We employ certified orthodontists and use quality materials.

Some skeptics think our price is too good to be true. It isn’t! Our Harrisburg orthodontist team is comprised of certified orthodontists who have spent years in the industry helping teens and adults straighten their smiles. Many of our orthodontists previously practiced in fee-for-service orthodontics, charging tens of thousands of dollars for braces and Invisalign® orthodontics. Frustrated by high prices and hidden fees, they formed Exeter Orthodontics.

We also use top-quality materials from manufacturers and distributors, including real Invisalign aligners. We buy our materials in bulk so that we can offer the highest cost savings to our patients.

4. Harrisburg orthodontists are committed to their patients.

The Harrisburg orthodontist team at Exeter Orthodontics ensures all our patients are heard. Any patient that steps through our doors should feel safe, comfortable, and understood. By offering a free consultation, we give you the chance to make sure Exeter Orthodontics is the right fit for you. You can express your concerns or anxieties and get your questions answered in an environment 100% free of judgment or hidden agenda.

5. Exeter Orthodontics only offers braces and Invisalign aligners. 

Exeter Orthodontics can keep our costs so low because we only offer two kinds of services: braces and Invisalign aligners. Other practices typically offer more services but end up charging more in overhead as a result. We keep our efficiency high and our overhead low by specializing in two treatments. You can trust our expert team with your care. Over the years, they have performed thousands of similar treatments.

Visit Exeter Orthodontics in Harrisburg

If you do find yourself with more questions, please stop by our Harrisburg office for a free consultation! Not in the Harrisburg area? We also have offices in Allentown and Reading. With multiple locations, affordable prices, and no hidden fees, there are plenty of reasons to smile!