2411, 2020

Types of Braces

November 24th, 2020|

If you think there’s only one type of braces, think again! Technology has advanced considerably over the years, giving you more choices than ever before when it comes to your health and your smile. What types of braces in Allentown, Reading, Easton, and beyond can your find from our team? [...]

2810, 2020

What Does An Orthodontist Do On Your First Visit?

October 28th, 2020|

We’ve covered what to expect when you get your braces off, but what about when you get your braces on? Before your first visit to the orthodontist, you may feel nervous. You may have questions about what’s in store. Or you may simply be excited to start this new journey! [...]

2209, 2020

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

September 22nd, 2020|

When our patients visit our office to discuss Invisalign, the first question they usually ask is, “How much does Invisalign cost?” With its comfort and convenience, many of our patients worry that Invisalign comes with a high price tag, but it doesn’t! Here at Exeter Orthodontics, Invisalign costs only $3,995! [...]

2008, 2020

What to Expect When Getting Your Braces Off

August 20th, 2020|

After a year or more of brackets, wires, and adjustments, the day has finally come: you’re getting your braces off. What can you expect during your appointment? What will your teeth look and feel like? How will your life change? […]

2307, 2020

The Pros and Cons of Invisalign

July 23rd, 2020|

There are over 7 million people who wear Invisalign in the United States, making it one of the fastest-growing alternatives to braces currently available. The treatment has long been popular for its comfort and convenience, but some details should be considered. Discover some of the pros and cons of Invisalign [...]

2406, 2020

How to Clean Your Invisalign

June 24th, 2020|

There are a lot of perks when it comes to Invisalign aligners! They’re transparent and removable. They’re harder to notice and can be taken out when you eat. They’re comfortable and, in some cases, they work faster than traditional braces. However, this doesn’t mean they’re maintenance-free! To help keep your [...]

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