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Palatal Expanders from Lehigh Valley Orthodontist

A lack of space in your child’s mouth can lead to crossbites or overcrowding. It is important to remediate issues such as these before your child’s jawbone stops growing. This is why you’ll find that many orthodontists, including Exeter Orthodontics, offer palatal expanders.

These expanders are a simple way to create more space in your child’s mouth, allowing their teeth to grow in straighter and more comfortably. They are typically worn before orthodontic treatment begins and are proven to help decrease the time a child may need to wear braces.

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About Palatal Expanders

How do palatal expanders work?

Expanders are secured to the top of your child’s mouth and are cemented over several top teeth toward the back of their mouth.

Unlike adults, a child’s upper jaw is actually in two halves. Over time, these halves fuse together. Expanders help give the jaw more space before this happens.

The expander, which is custom made for each patient, comes in two halves. These halves are then connected by a screw at the roof of the mouth. This screw must be turned every day so that the jaw can expand.

How long must palatal expanders be worn?

Expanders are typically worn for a few months. This time period gives the jaw a chance to expand and gives new bone the opportunity to grow in the gap created by the expanders.

Are palatal expanders painful?

Patients may experience some discomfort after turning the expander’s screw. However, this discomfort is short lived.

Children may also have difficulty eating or speaking at first due to their tongue’s proximity to the expander. However, this difficulty only lasts a short time until they grow used to the expander.

Why may someone need a palatal expander?

The main reason a patient may need an expander is that their mouth is too small to allow for teeth to grow in comfortably.

Other reasons a child may need an expander is if they have:

  • A crossbite: When the upper jaw is smaller than the lower jaw, this can lead to uneven teeth and grinding.
  • Impacted teeth: An impacted tooth is a tooth that has yet to grow in, usually due to a lack of space. An expander can help give the tooth more room.
  • Overcrowding: The mouth is too small to allow for the proper growth of teeth. Overcrowding isn’t only painful, but can also make eating and talking difficult.

How old should a patient be for a palatal expander?

Palatal expanders are most effective in children before they reach puberty since their bones are still growing.

How much do palatal expanders cost?

If our orthodontists in Reading or elsewhere feel that your child requires palatal expanders, the price is included in the cost of braces.

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Every single staff member here is just so pleasant and friendly. The new orthodontist is super personable and goes out of her way to make sure my son is caring for his braces the way he should be, but kindly. You also can’t beat the price.
Amanda Johnson
Dr. Pardini at the Easton office did a fantastic job with my entire Invisalign plan and I am extremely satisfied with my results. I wore Invisalign for a little over 2 years. I was a few hours away at college and had to return home for appointments every 2 months, but Dr. Pardini made it as convenient as possible. My teeth were a challenge to get in proper alignment because of a lack of space, so Dr. Pardini did some very simple teeth shaving to create more space. He stuck with our plan for as long as it took to get the results I wanted which included re-centering my midline. This took another few months after the initial plan, but he was super committed and we pulled off a fantastic result. The one important thing is having discipline to wear the trays and then your retainer 22 hours a day consistently. I have a great smile now and I'm so thankful for Dr. Pardini and Exeter and the job they did!
Ethan Culver
Definitely an amazing team there ! All were nice & took care of me . Got my braces and ready for a new smile. I highly recommend also very affordable.
Alicia Hill
Dr Pardini and the entire staff are the best in the business.
Anthony F. “Tony” Merlino , Jr.
I saw their car with the braces promotion so I tried them I did like how easy was the process, the payment and the staff super cool and professional. I didn’t need to wait long time for my appointment plus they do have spanish staff so if you don’t speak English you’ll be okay! 🙌🏻
Scarlet L
Had my consult and braces on the same day! They’re very up front about costs / down payments. The staff is beyond friendly and I’m so glad I decided to go with Exeter ortho after many failed attempts elsewhere!!
Lauren Hellerick
We highly recommend Dr. Pardini as the Best Orthodontist. My son had several incidences with broken brackets due to eating hard food, he was immediately seen by Dr. Pardini. Dr. Pardini is very detailed and spends quality time with my son who is afraid of getting braces. Dr. Pardini made it so much easy for my son to receive treatment at Exeter Orthodontics, The staff makes my son feel at home. I would never have thought that my son would say that he LOVE going to the orthodontist, but he did. Exeter Orthodontics is the BEST in PA.and we thank Dr. Pardini for all his dedication and love for caring for patients.
Harold Kang
I had such a great experience here! The friendly staff definitely helped! I always look forward to seeing Chelsea when I come in! They answered all my questions with no problem! I would highly recommend Exeter Ortho to anyone I know!
Samantha Faith Stine
I have to say this is the best orthodontist around. They make my son having braces as enjoyable as possible. The staff is very knowledgeable and kind. Morgan is awesome. She is always on point with scheduling and sending reminders out. If it wasn’t for her my son wouldn’t have braces.
Sara R
This office is amazing! My son, Grant has just started with his braces and they are always responsive and kind. Morgan rocks! Always helpful and quick regarding financial stuff!!
Nicole Floramo
I love coming here, Dr. Pardini, Sara and Motty always make it a positive experience!
Amanda Heffner
I had a very positive experience being a patient at Exeter Ortho. All of the staff were very welcoming and professional. If I had any questions they answered them thoroughly. I got Invisalign and I wore them for under a year and my teeth look great. I give the rating 5 out of 5 stars, and would recommend Exeter Ortho to others as well!
Emily C. Antonio
My experience had been nothing but excellent. The employees are welcoming and joyful. The appointment are extremely quick and easy. I highly recommend!
aston shrum
I know its late but happy Valentines day y'all. Thank you Hannah again for the sweet valentines day color's
Lisa Bartholomew
A new smile is more than straight teeth. The experience of coming to Exeter Orthodontics is just that, an experience. I was so unhappy with my smile and how I looked in the mirror. This was a huge transformation for me. I made a conscious decision to eat healthy. This and the care received at Exeter Orthodontics has made me feel like a new person.Everyone from the financial department to the front desk to the assistants and doctor were absolutely phenomenal. Never once did they cause me pain. I was treated with respect and dignity. Every procedure was explained prior to starting and clear with written instructions given to take home if needed. The policy of everything included is really true. I did not have any problems with the hardware, but there is no price for the peace of mind knowing it would be covered.Do I recommend Exeter Orthodontics? YES, YES, YES !!!
Marygrace Gonzalez
Dr Mills and staff at the Exeter location have always been wonderful with the entire process with my braces and getting me in when there's emergencies (like a broken bracket or a sharp wire) I highly recommend this to anyone.
Ann Everhart
My experience was awesome my braces were removed and I was given retainers and to follow up within three month. I could not have went to a better place so friendly and clean and very professional, and soooo much cheaper than orthodontist in this area. Thank You again..
Joanne Torres
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Lisa Bartholomew
Please go here! There always so friendly, & willing to go above & beyond for you. If you need lots of extra rubber bands, or you've got a bracket broke, they replace it, & don't charge you, or if you don't like the colors they put on, they'll change it, without charging you, right away, & you never have to wait @ all, or long to get in. Ask for hannah, she'll do the coolest color combinations!!
Lisa Bartholomew
I would highly recommend Exeter Orthodontics to anyone who is looking for a great orthodontist. 3 of my children have had braces here and I recently went in to have some orthodontic work done. They were very kind and courteous and went above and beyond with my appointment. Dr. Mills is terrific and I appreciate her caring demeanor. Finally, one of my daughter's soccer team is heading to Nationals for US Youth Soccer and the the office was kind enough to be one of her team's sponsors.
Chad Kardos
Dr. Pardini did an amazing job on my son's teeth in only 2 years! Nice technicians, brand new office, immediate service.
Patti Tyler
The office is always clean, staff are on the ball, appointments are fast and efficient. Dr. Mills always gives a final okay on all care provided. Way to go Exeter Orthodontics!!
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My teeth were not looking great before I went in there, and now they are perfect. I’ve never been more happy. I am extremely grateful to Exeter.
Hannah Spratley
All the assistants are very friendly and I enjoyed going to my appointments. The doctors are very knowledgeable, and im glad I chose Exeter ortho to fix my smile!
Heather Rigler
Everyone in the office is so friendly. They did an amazing job on my son's teeth and we couldn't be happier! We recommend Exeter Orthodontica to all our friends because our experience has been so positive!
Keith Rogers
Doctors & staff are amazing. The place works like a well oiled machine. I recommend this place to all my friends and family.
Brenda Hoagland
I love most of the staff. Very friendly. Dr. Yoffe is strict when it comes to management with your braces, but he is supposed to be! He is wonderful!
Elesha Stokes-Shank
Dr. Dan and his staff are super friendly and take great care of my children! Dr. Dan did braces on all three of my kids and we could not be more pleased with the results! He is an excellent practitioner and pays great attention to detail making sure that smiles are the best they can be! Visiting their office is a pleasure. We'd highly recommend them to anyone!
Kory Prehl
Very nice business. I usually arrive at my appointments early, and don't sit in the waiting room alot. They usually tell me I can go back after I walk in the door. Orthodontist's are good at what they do, just as long as the patient corporates.I recommend this place
Samuel B
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